Chakra Clearing & Relaxation

This is a 90min session of chakra clearing to help release dense energies from your chakras to rebalance your physical, emotional and mental bodies. This session is done with cleansing the chakras with crystals and gemstones which includes a crystal chakra balancing layout. Once the crystals and gemstones are in place, then healing with spiritual light is performed to strengthen your chakras, aura, energy bodies and physical body. The chakras are part of the luminous system of the body and directly influence the body’s neural network. When you go through stressful situations in life, your chakras can become clogged with emotions and residual energies. This can cause poor vitality, heightened nervousness, insomnia, accelerated aging and dis-ease. It is suggested to clear the chakras on a regular basis as a maintenance program every 2-4 weeks for maximum benefit (or more often in times of great stress).

It is beneficial to have your chakras cleansed on a regular basis especially during stressful times or when you have a lot on the go. When your chakras are cleansed, the natural vibrancy of each chakra is restored. This helps the chakras to be filled with more life force energy that then nourishes your body and restores well-being.  Your chakras can then vibrate at their original purity once again promoting feelings of peace, joy, youthfulness, enhanced mental clarity, being grounded and increased energy.