Compassionate Clearing

We can often feel a lack of vitality from being afflicted and overshadowed by intrusive forms of energy. Intrusive energies can be defined as self inflicted limiting belief systems, hostile/angry words from another that stick with you, repetitive negative emotions such as your own shame, guilt, grief or anger that leads to a disempowering self image. These intrusive energies can become lodged in your energy fields and/or body and can lead to localized pain, discomfort, loss of vitality and feed into negative self talk. In the shamanic viewpoint of illness, when there is a loss of personal power, then you may become susceptible to energy intrusion.

When intrusive energies are removed and released you can feel empowered, uplifted, positive, joyful, lighter and free. In addition to the extraction work, a healing will be performed to strengthen the vulnerability that created the condition for intrusions to occur in the first place. This helps protect you from future intrusions and invasive energy. Some techniques that Christa will use in a compassion clearing session include: chakra clearing, energy extraction, curse unravelling, ancestral healing, psychopomp and de-possession work.