Slavic Healing & Mystical Practices

For thousands of years, the Slavs have had a rich healing heritage steeped in mysticism, magic and spirituality. Every village had Znakharki (healers – the knowing ones) and Baba Sheptukhy (grandmother whispers) who would perform miraculous healings using herbal wisdom, sacred waters and magical ceremony. These healers were well respected as they were able to restore the health of members of the community. These folk healers were deeply spiritual, caring, compassionate and were considered to be the wisdom keepers – holding and preserving the sacred healing knowledge of the cosmos.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

In modern times, Slavic health and mystical practices are rapidly disappearing and risk being lost forever. Come and learn this ancient wisdom from Christa Lynn, a 5th generation Ukrainian Canadian who is revitalizing this ancient healing art. This transformative course will enrich your life, deepen your connection to the natural world and help you to be a catalyst for healing. This course is for anyone that has a fastination for slavic traditions, an interest in the healing arts and a desire to rekindle the magic of life.

Attend the course and learn:

  • The Magical Stories of Slavic Folklore — Gain an understanding deities, nature spirits and the role they played in daily existence.
  • The Tapestry of Life — Weave ancient spiritual practices into your daily life.
  • The Power of Focussed Intention — Create a sacred space for healing and manifestation.
  • Methods of Personal Protection — Learn power symbols and the crafting of talismans.
  • Practices of Divination — Learn weather watching, question answering, discerning omens and divination for healing.
  • The Magic of Plant Wisdom - Understand the basics of herbal folklore and healing.
  • Health Restoration — Practice ancient healing techniques to remove fear, illnesses, curses, evil eye (jealousy) and negative energies.
  • Reawakening the Slumbering Soul — Create crafts and experience songs to nourish, feed and rekindle your creative spirit
  • Earth Energies and the Community — Participate in traditional festivals and celebrations as a way to connect to each other and honour sacred traditions.


Class Testimonials

“Slavic Healing and Mystical Practices is a truly amazing introductory course to the ways of the shaman. Christa creates a beautiful sacred space in which to learn, journey, create, and celebrate. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to deepen their spiritual journey. Christa is a beautiful spirit and is an enthusiastic and talented teacher.”

G. Stuart, Vancouver, BC

“The Slavic Folk Healing Class was super fun, engaging and powerful! Christa is amazing at what she does and after leaving this course, I feel like I gained alot!”

L.D – student