What Is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient healing modality that can be traced back to around 40,000 years according to the archeological record making it one of the oldest healing practices on the planet.  Shamanism is thought to have originated in Siberia, however many cultures around the world from South America, North America, Africa, Australia, Asia and even Europe practice different types of shamanism. A shaman is a healer that can see beyond the veil of our ordinary reality into the spiritual realms. In traditional shamanic cultures, there would be more than one shaman and each shaman would specialize in different healing methods such as divining information and clearing intrusive negative energies that a person has taken on from other people that are making them sick. Other shamans would help to restore lost power when an individual had suffered an illness, accident, trauma, PTSD or addiction. Other shamans would help to release negative beliefs that would limit a person’s success in life and some shamans would perform ancestral healing to clear imbalances passed down through the family line or to help to revive inherited ancestral gifts, skills, talents and abilities. Shamans often performed healing ceremonies for the community and helped deceased souls cross over to the afterlife. In traditional cultures, shamans would be filling the role of healers, mystics, doctors, psychotherapists, psychics and storytellers for their communities. 


How Does Shamanic Healing Work?

Shamans work with the rhythmic sounds of a rattle, drum, click sticks, bells or chanting in order to enter into a higher state of consciousness. In this higher state of consciousness, a shaman accesses the healing energies of the spiritual realms to facilitate healing on behalf of another person seeking the healing. In shamanic healing, the spiritual aspects of an illness are addressed and any energetic/spiritual imbalance is corrected so that balance is regained to affect physical healing, emotional healing and mental healing. Shamanic healing is gentle and safe and can help to restore a person to wholeness so that they can experience good health, renewed inspiration, empowerment, passion and better success in their life. To learn more about shamanic healing with Christa, then check out Your First Visit Page