Shamanic Practitioner Training Program

in VANCOUVER - Dates to be announced Soon

This comprehensive 100-hour Shamanic Program is an in-depth immersion into the world of shamanism. This one year shamanic training program will deepen your practice of shamanism and personal growth as you walk the path for healing, empowerment and to become a harmonizing presence in the world. You will learn essential shamanic skills that will deepen your connection to the spirit world to help restore balance within yourself, other people and the environment. This program will teach you shamanic healing methods but more importantly, this program will teach you how to fully embrace shamanism to live a shamanic way of life as a deep spiritual practice. 

Admission Requirements

To apply for this shamanic training program, you are required to:

  • have completed the Shamanic Journeying 2-day Class taught by Christa Lynn

  • have attended a minimum of 6 online student journey gatherings prior to applying for the practitioner program (you will have access to these gatherings once you complete the Shamanic Journeying 2-day Class) that are hosted by the teacher Christa Lynn

  • demonstrate that you have a solid ability to shamanic journey

Program Details

This 100-hour program is taught over 12 months consisting of 6 in-person weekends (Saturday & Sunday) & 6 Monthly Online Wisdom Teaching Seminars (2 hours each) & homework assignments:

  • Weekend 1: Healing With Spiritual Light

  • Weekend 2: Medicine For The Earth

  • Weekend 3: Extraction Training

  • Weekend 4: Soul Retrieval Training Part 1

  • Weekend 5: Soul Retrieval Training Part 2

  • Weekend 6: Psychopomp Training

  • Seminar 1: Stepping Out of Ordinary Reality Into A Shamanic State of Consciousness

  • Seminar 2: Cultivating A Daily Healing Ritual For Self Care

  • Seminar 3: Tracking The Cycles Of The Moon

  • Seminar 4: Working With The Hidden Folk

  • Seminar 5: Working With Plant Spirit Allies

  • Seminar 6: Working With The Power Of Song


In this weekend, you will learn how to work with spiritual light as the ancient mystics and shamans did to effect healing as light has the power to transform suffering, pain and illness into wellness. When we connect to spiritual light, we connect deeply to the universal energy which is the source of all healing. This class teaches you the process of transfiguration so that you can become a conduit for healing for yourself, other people and the planet.

Shamanic Medicine For the Earth 

In this weekend, you will learn how to neutralize environmental and personal emotional toxins through the special process of transmutation. When a shamanic practitioner transfigures, a veil between the worlds opens allowing for the miraculous to occur as change and transformation unfolds. The ancient art of transmutation has been documented in many of the world’s spiritual traditions to neutralize toxic substances and energies. You will learn how to work with this forgotten technique to heal yourself and the earth and to become a harmonizing presence in the world.

Shamanic Extraction Training

In this weekend, you will learn about negative intrusive energies as a source of illness. You will learn what negative intrusions are, how they create illness in the body and how to remove them on behalf of another person. You will learn how to work with your compassionate helping spirits from the spiritual realms to remove intrusions and then to empower the person with healing energies. You will also learn how to keep yourself filled with power when working with intrusions and how to prevent sending out negative intrusions to others. 

Shamanic Soul Retrieval Training

In this weekend, you will learn how to work with the issue of soul loss which is very prevalent and serious spiritual illness in our modern world. You will learn about the factors and conditions that create soul loss, and how to work with your healing spirits to track for a person’s missing soul essence to bring it back to the person in order to restore them back to wholeness. Emphasis will be placed on how to integrate this potent healing process in our modern day culture. Also covered, is how to cultivate communication skills as a shamanic practitioner to relate healing stories to a client based on the spiritual information received in their journeys as a way to uplift and empower the client.

Shamanic Psychopomp Training

In this weekend, you will explore the shamanic approach to a living a sacred life, death and dying. You will learn classic psychopomp work in order to heal those spirits that already passed on, yet are caught between the worlds and become stuck on the earth plane. It is very sacred work to help those stuck and lost souls to heal and cross over to the afterlife. You will also learn how to assist people going through the sacred transition of dying and crossing over into the afterlife.

Stepping Out of Ordinary Reality Into A Shamanic State of Consciousness 

In this seminar, you will discover how to step out of ordinary reality into the realm of the shaman in order to engage in shamanic healing practices. This involves letting go of daily concerns to become a "hollow bone" for healing work to flow through you. Each indigenous shaman would have a specialized way of shifting from the everyday world into spiritual healing so that they could connect to, and work with their helping spirits in the most powerful way possible. You will discover and learn your own special way of shamanic preparation practices that will assist you in shifting your state of being and consciousness into a shamanic state of consciousness in order to carry out sacred shamanic work.

Cultivating A Daily Healing Ritual For Self Care

In this seminar, you will learn how to cultivate a special daily ritual for self care that will provide you with healing and balance in your life. It is very important that healers take care of themselves when working with other people. The practice of shamanism is about staying in balance and in harmony within oneself and with the world. When you are in a state of balance and harmony, life flows in a good way and your ability to navigate life and challenging situations becomes more flexible and fluid.

Tracking The Cycles Of The Moon

In this seminar, we will discuss the different cycles and phases of the moon and their energies. The moon cycles can play an important role in emotional states, manifestation, transformation, healing and productivity. You will learn how to track the moon cycles and how they personally affect you so that you can work with the the energies of the moon in relation to shamanic healing practices and to bring balance to your life. 

Working With The Hidden Folk

In this seminar, you will learn how to connect more deeply with the fairies, gnomes and elves which are also known as the "hidden folk". The hidden folk are all around us and they are the guardians and stewards of the natural world. You will learn how to tune into them and know when they make their presence known. You will learn how to cultivate respectful relationships with the hidden folk to work with them as allies in healing and spiritual work and to effect positive change for people and the environment.   

Working With Plant Spirit Allies

In this seminar, you will uncover the beautiful world of plant spirits. It is believed in many shamanic cultures that plants are spirits too and shamans would work with plants as helping spirits for healing, energetic cleansing, divination, and protection. You will learn how to meet your plant spirit ally and develop a working relationship with the plant ally for personal healing practices and the healing of others. 

Working With The Power Of Song

In this seminar you will learn about the incredible power of sacred songs. In some shamanic traditions, the shaman would sing a personal power song to help them shift into performing sacred work. Other songs were sung to release pain, for protection, for healing and blessings for others. You will learn how to receive your own unique power song and discover its special healing purpose.

What People are saying

"Christa's teaching style is ideal for experiential shamanic learning. She provides a great mix of interesting and easy to understand instruction supported with hands-on learning experiences. I have learned a lot of valuable shamanic teachings and tools that I can now take back into everyday life." -LT -shamanic student

"I have attended other shamanic classes of this nature and Christa offers a very superior program. It is fabulous!" -CS -shamanic student

"I highly recommend taking this shamanic training. It opens up an entirely new way of healing yourself and other people and to live a shamanic way of life. Christa is an amazing and wonderful shamanic teacher and mentor." -shamanic student