Power Restoration Session

A common illness in our modern times is the issue of personal power loss. We lose power as we try to cope with the stresses of everyday life. Power loss can happen when you give your energy away to others, feel overwhelmed with work, burdened by responsibilities in life, suffer a traumatic event, engage in self defeating patterns and endure chronic stress or endure unfulfilling relationships. When you suffer from a loss of personal power (life force energy), you may begin to feel depressed, unmotivated, have difficulty making effective choices in life, become ill, your energy is drained, you feel fragmented or feel a lack of creativity and purpose.

When you have your personal source of power renewed in a shamanic healing session, you may feel a greater sense of wonder and deeper connection to yourself and your life. As creative energy is boosted, you may notice it easier to deal with the demands of life and to flow with gracefully with life rather than push against it. Having more life force energy available to you can help the body to heal and recover from stress, illness and traumatic past events. A power restoration session is uplifting and deeply healing as harmony is restored and joy returns to nourish your soul. Some techniques that Christa will use in a power restoration session include: power animal retrieval and soul retrieval and spirit healing.