water and wax ceremony

Water and Wax Healing Ceremony - Ukrainian Shamanism for Modern Day

Water and Wax Ceremony
Water and Wax Ceremony

The Ukrainian Shamans had a very powerful healing ceremony  involving blessed water and sacred beeswax. This ceremony was used to heal physical illnesses, pain, insomnia, fear, evil eye, curses, possession and misfortune. It was believed that these issues often had a spiritual source and by performing this sacred healing ceremony would rid the patient of those ailments. This is an ancient healing technique but is so important for modern life. In our modern world, we have so many stressors that there is an increase incidence in modern societies of anxiety, depression and panic attacks. More medications are being prescribed for this, but do they really heal the underlying cause of the fear or anxiety? Do these medications really bring about balance in a patient's life? The Ukrainian wax healing ceremony was designed primarily to heal what is called "fear sickness" (or strakh in Ukrainian). It is believed that when fear settles into a person, it can then penetrate deep into the body affecting physical health, emotions become unbalanced and the person suffers. Then when this fear settles into the person, aspects of their life also start to suffer. Such as troubles with work, declining job performance, loss of job, school work suffers/grades decline, relationship difficulties, financial difficulties and so on.

So, the "pouring forth of wax"  healing ceremony (called strakh vylyvaty in Ukrainian), is able to extract the fears and the root cause of illness in a patient. This allows for deeper healing resulting in long lasting change as the patient's life returns to a state of balance: emotional stability, robust physical health, mood elevation, enhanced job performance,  and to experience joy in life once again. The sacred melted beeswax is poured into blessed water over different areas in front of the patient's body. As the pouring occurs, the illness is released and balanced restored.

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