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Announcement: New Crystal Healing Class in Vancouver

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I have been developing a very special crystal healing class that I will be teaching in Vancouver BC. I have done crystal healing sessions in Vancouver for a number of years. This class is for all crystal enthusiasts that LOVE crystals but then get them home and are not sure how to work with them. In this in-depth and practical hands-on crystal therapy class, you will learn how to use crystals for healing as a self healing tool, healing for other people and for manifestation of goals or intentions.      Join this class you will learn:

~The science behind crystal healing, how crystals work and why ~About crystals and history; what the ancients knew about crystal healing ~How to choose, cleanse, charge and activate your crystals for healing ~How to become attuned to crystals and receive a Crystal Healing Activation to work more proficiently with the stones ~How to construct crystal talismans for protection and healing ~How to construct crystal grids to manifest intentions such as increasing personal prosperity, protection, health, relationship harmony & more ~About the body’s energy systems and to balance the chakras with crystals ~How to use crystals for 12 different body layouts for healing specific physical and emotional illnesses ~About the healing power of gem waters ~Crystal meditations and much more…

BONUS: receive your own crystal practitioner kit: 45 gemstones, a 7 stone chakra set, a crystal activation wand and a pendulum