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Announcement: New Crystal Healing Class in Vancouver

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I have been developing a very special crystal healing class that I will be teaching in Vancouver BC. I have done crystal healing sessions in Vancouver for a number of years. This class is for all crystal enthusiasts that LOVE crystals but then get them home and are not sure how to work with them. In this in-depth and practical hands-on crystal therapy class, you will learn how to use crystals for healing as a self healing tool, healing for other people and for manifestation of goals or intentions.      Join this class you will learn:

~The science behind crystal healing, how crystals work and why ~About crystals and history; what the ancients knew about crystal healing ~How to choose, cleanse, charge and activate your crystals for healing ~How to become attuned to crystals and receive a Crystal Healing Activation to work more proficiently with the stones ~How to construct crystal talismans for protection and healing ~How to construct crystal grids to manifest intentions such as increasing personal prosperity, protection, health, relationship harmony & more ~About the body’s energy systems and to balance the chakras with crystals ~How to use crystals for 12 different body layouts for healing specific physical and emotional illnesses ~About the healing power of gem waters ~Crystal meditations and much more…

BONUS: receive your own crystal practitioner kit: 45 gemstones, a 7 stone chakra set, a crystal activation wand and a pendulum



Crystal Healing in Shamanism

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photo (6)

Christa Lynn offers Shamanic Healing in Vancouver BC. Crystals are often used in shamanic healing. Crystals are considered gifts from the earth. In shamanic healing practices crystals were widely used for healing. Crystal healing used by shamans would often vary. Sometimes crystals would be used in shamanic extraction techniques as a cleansing tool in order to remove intrusive energies from the body that was causing pain or a physical illness. The crystal in this case would be placed near the body and act as a "vacuum cleaner" pulling out the intrusive energy to be captured within the crystal. The crystal would then be cleansed of the intrusive energy either by smudging, flame, salt or blessed waters. Also, in shamanic soul retrieval healing, a crystal is often used in order to capture the lost soul part (or spiritual essence) of a person and then this soul part is then returned to the individual via the crystal and the shaman would blow the soul part back into the top of the person's head from the crystal. The crystal would act as a cocoon for the soul part to carry safely back to the person. Also, as a part of crystal healing, crystals can be laid out upon the body in specific crystal layouts as shown in this photo. Here, in this crystal healing layout, the crystals are infusing healing energies into the body and are cleansing and strengthening the chakras for a harmonious flow of energy to encourage healing and balance. This layout can be very restorative to the the body after receiving a full shamanic session.

Since crystals are highly infused with healing energies, they are consider sacred tools by many indigenous shamans. In my shamanic healing practice in Vancouver, I often use a comibination of shamanic techniques, crystal layout healing and reiki for a truly integrated experience.

Christa also offers Crystal Healing Sessions in Vancouver BC and Christa also teaches Crystal Healing Classes in Vancouver BC.

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