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Slavic Shamanism - Egg Healing Ceremony (Pysanky)

Egg Ceremony
Egg Ceremony

Slavic Shamanism is a very rich healing and mystical culture. Sometimes people often overlook theses adept healers as they have been shrouded in mystery, but those who have received healing sessions from these masters have experienced profound results. The egg is a very magical and healing tool that Slavic healers would use in their healing practices. Often eggs were decorated and imbued with blessings, healing power and protection and the healer (Znakharka) had skill and knew how to do this. This empowered egg acted as a powerful talisman to be used in healing ceremonies. This special egg is rolled over the body and used to extract fears, intrusive energies, evil eye, jealousy and sickness from an afflicted person.

The egg could also be used for divination to divine the illness of a patient to then affect a cure for them. This healing ceremony was highly respected as it could bring about a cure, and many people would seek out the healer to restore balance to their lives. The healing ceremony was relaxing and soothing to receive as the Znakharka (healer) was caring and compassionate and treated the patient with great care.

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