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Slavic Shamanism - Egg Healing Ceremony (Pysanky)

Egg Ceremony
Egg Ceremony

Slavic Shamanism is a very rich healing and mystical culture. Sometimes people often overlook theses adept healers as they have been shrouded in mystery, but those who have received healing sessions from these masters have experienced profound results. The egg is a very magical and healing tool that Slavic healers would use in their healing practices. Often eggs were decorated and imbued with blessings, healing power and protection and the healer (Znakharka) had skill and knew how to do this. This empowered egg acted as a powerful talisman to be used in healing ceremonies. This special egg is rolled over the body and used to extract fears, intrusive energies, evil eye, jealousy and sickness from an afflicted person.

The egg could also be used for divination to divine the illness of a patient to then affect a cure for them. This healing ceremony was highly respected as it could bring about a cure, and many people would seek out the healer to restore balance to their lives. The healing ceremony was relaxing and soothing to receive as the Znakharka (healer) was caring and compassionate and treated the patient with great care.

This is a very special healing technique and if you haven't tried it, you may want to book a 90min shamanic session with Christa Lynn in Vancouver BC:

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Crystal Healing in Shamanism

photo (6)
photo (6)

Christa Lynn offers Shamanic Healing in Vancouver BC. Crystals are often used in shamanic healing. Crystals are considered gifts from the earth. In shamanic healing practices crystals were widely used for healing. Crystal healing used by shamans would often vary. Sometimes crystals would be used in shamanic extraction techniques as a cleansing tool in order to remove intrusive energies from the body that was causing pain or a physical illness. The crystal in this case would be placed near the body and act as a "vacuum cleaner" pulling out the intrusive energy to be captured within the crystal. The crystal would then be cleansed of the intrusive energy either by smudging, flame, salt or blessed waters. Also, in shamanic soul retrieval healing, a crystal is often used in order to capture the lost soul part (or spiritual essence) of a person and then this soul part is then returned to the individual via the crystal and the shaman would blow the soul part back into the top of the person's head from the crystal. The crystal would act as a cocoon for the soul part to carry safely back to the person. Also, as a part of crystal healing, crystals can be laid out upon the body in specific crystal layouts as shown in this photo. Here, in this crystal healing layout, the crystals are infusing healing energies into the body and are cleansing and strengthening the chakras for a harmonious flow of energy to encourage healing and balance. This layout can be very restorative to the the body after receiving a full shamanic session.

Since crystals are highly infused with healing energies, they are consider sacred tools by many indigenous shamans. In my shamanic healing practice in Vancouver, I often use a comibination of shamanic techniques, crystal layout healing and reiki for a truly integrated experience.

Christa also offers Crystal Healing Sessions in Vancouver BC and Christa also teaches Crystal Healing Classes in Vancouver BC.

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Soul Retrieval: A Woman’s Sense of Renewal

Christa Lynn offers Shamanic healing in Vancouver BC. Here is a beautiful story from her case files: I had a lady come in for a healing session one day. She was in her 50’s, on disability leave from work and suffered from panic attacks, extreme fatigue and depression. She told me that she felt lost in her life and that she felt guilty for being on disability from work. I asked her what she wanted to achieve from the healing session. She told me that she wanted her life back and the return of her inner spark.

I determined that a shamanic healing would be the most beneficial for her at this time. I began the session by doing a diagnostic journey to see what she needed at this time. In my shamanic journey, I could see that the root issue was a matter of soul loss for this woman. We needed to track this lost soul essence and return it back to her so that she could heal. In times of stress or traumatic events, our soul essence flees in order for us to endure the stress and then when the stress is over, it returns. However, sometimes it doesn’t return and this the shaman would term soul loss. In the realm of psychology, this is called dissociation. During the healing session, I tracked for this woman’s lost soul essence and found it left behind in a hospital room. In a symbolic and metaphorical sense, her soul essence appeared to be a young woman wearing a hospital gown and she was huddled in the corner of the room looking lost and despondent. I explained to her who I was and asked her if she was willing to come back to her adult self for healing and renewal. She agreed. I brought back this soul essence to the woman and with my breath, blew her essence into her heart. At that exact moment, my client felt a surge of warmth radiate through her entire body. Even though she couldn’t recall any details from her life from ever being in a hospital, she could definitely feel her essence returned to her.

Two weeks after the healing, my client called me to update me. She told me that after a week, she woke up one morning with the memory of being in the hospital to have her appendix out when she was 18 years old. She couldn’t believe that she had completely forgotten about that! Just to make sure, she called her mom to ask her about it and her mom confirmed that yes, she had the surgery when she was 18. Sometimes, when a person suffers from soul loss, they lose memories from that time period of their life as well. When they have a soul retrieval, the soul part that returns also returns with past memories too.

My client also said that she felt more energy and decided to clean, sort and reorganize her house. She also decide to move to a more suitable home. Within a week, she had a new place to live. The panic attacks also disappeared, her mood started to shift and she had a new positive perspective on life. She went to her doctor and he took her off the antidepressant medication. She also went on to report that she has been more social spending more time with friends and family and starting to fully engage in her life. As of this writing, she plans to return to work in 2 months.